Collaborations and Contributions


We would be happy to hear about NOU ideas that you wanted to share on the website. Please use the form below to submit your ideas, we check it out and we will publish it for you.

pexels-photo Nou Image on Collaborations contributions

It is very easy to put your articles on our Number YOU Collection website but you have to follow the following guidelines to make sure that your article is counted and will not be lost.

  1. You must must have at least 500-words.
  2. You must add at least two social media account (facebook and twitter) and email to confirm identity.
  3. You must add one photo/image that is related to the topic. It must be original or if taken some somewhere else, you need to add image credit otherwise the whole content will be deleted.
  4. No indecent or vulgar words allowed. No matter what kind of experience you may like to share, make sure to keep only acceptable words. No swearing!

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